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Dads and Breastfeeding By @DADZZLIFE

Seems weird to title a post, ‘Dads and Breastfeeding.’ A little strange, a little weird, but should it be? Maybe not, maybe dads need to take a bigger role in breastfeeding. Maybe dads need to step up and support their wives.

But how, you ask?

I guess we could ask our wives. So straight to the source I went. Believe me, the answers were easy to come by.

First, talk together about how you plan to feed your child. If you’re both keen to have your baby exclusively breastfeed, than you are each going to have to do your part to make that happen. It’s a big commitment for her that requires her time and her body. So talk about what your commitment will look like to make this happen.

Second, pick up the slack. Breastfeeding takes time, and every baby is different, but just to give you an idea, your baby may breastfeed for 60 minutes every 2-3 hours. That’s 8 hours a day. That’s a full time job! So, whatever your wife was doing for those 8 hours a day before the baby was born, won’t be getting done. She’s feeding your child with her body, so step up and help out.

Third, be prepared to get up in the middle of the night. Those 8 hours a day won’t be in a row, they’ll be scattered all across the day and night. Take your turn. If you have older kids, YOU be the one to help them if they’re up in the middle of night. And if your wife needs to sleep in, or have a nap because she was up all night with the baby, don’t give her a hard time about it. In fact, encourage her to sleep when the baby sleeps.

To sum it up, the role dads play in breastfeeding isn’t a passive one. If you’ve made the goal to breastfeed your child, be proactive in the ongoing discussion with your partner as to what your role will look like.

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