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What’s with the name?

Where did the name Minna Babe come from?


I get this question a lot.

So, here it is. The story behind our name.

And like any good name, it has a story the means something to us.


When we were expecting our first baby, I decided I wanted to have some type of security item for him/her. After she arrived, I bought a pink, grey and white, muslin swaddling cloth, cut it into 4 squares, and sewed white satin around the edges. I had 4 of them – you know, in case we lost one or two along the way. As she grew, her heart for these little blankets grew too. They became a sense of comfort, peace, and security for her when times got tough, like they do when you are one.

It wasn’t long before she started stringing sounds together and mimicking our language. Some how ‘blankey’ was real tricky to say, but darn it she tried and tried anyway. It was my husband who figured out that what she was saying meant ‘blankey.’ And what she was saying was




And so, the tradition began. When our next was born, 4 grey and white muslin cloth with white satin ribbon awaited his arrival. And just like his sister, his minna was never far from his side. But this time, he didn’t need to struggle to name it. We all called it


‘his minna.’


And we did the same for our third. Our first 2 have out grown their minnas, but our third still calls on his for comfort and peace and rest. And when we’re getting ready to leave the house, or go to bed, or he’s tired, or hurt, we all say to him


“Where’s your minna babe?”


He goes and gets it, or someone will get it for him, and we sit and cuddle, and all the world is well. And now, we are all excited and waiting for a little brother or sister, son or daughter. We’re making this ‘minna’ with our kids. We’re going rainbow themed this time, for our rainbow baby.

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